With over 30 years of executive experience in information technology and over 25 years holding a number of high tech senior management positions, Asmaa Hosny has led the development and execution of business strategies in leading regional and local organizations. Hosny has succeeded in establishing key alliances on several strategic initiatives in addition to establishing a number of successful technology companies with regional and global outreach.

Asmaa Hosny has accomplished huge breakthroughs in the execution of large-scale projects leading to technology-enabled transformation of many socio–economic sectors. Additionally, Asmaa is one of the pioneers in introducing innovative mobility solutions across various platforms including mobile financial services, mobile health, and mobile learning. In introducing these new initiatives, she mobilized efforts with the Central Bank of Egypt and key financial institutions to bring these initiatives to the Egyptian market, thereby driving growth and sustainability.

Hosny started her career at Orascom Group, where she led only in few years one of the company’s major acquisitions in the health sector. Through effectively managing regional teams and distribution networks, she successfully managed to implement regional mega projects in key different sectors, all of which resulted in high impact in transforming these sectors. Capitalizing on this success, she led a career in many reputable organizations in the Telecom and IT sector. In addition, she co-founded and established a number of successful local and regional enterprises including Wasla Egypt and Solutions Plus in Egypt and Health Insights in the United Arab Emirates.

Hosny earned her Bachelor degree in Economics and Political Science from Cairo University in 1980. She also received several advanced academic degrees in the ICT fields, in addition to graduate studies at Cairo University’s Institute of Statistical Studies and Research (ISSR) in 1983.